1.  Our methodology is a blend of primary and secondary research, which is augmented with the information available in our proprietary database.

    Secondary Research:

    A broad array of industry sources for the secondary research typically includes Company SEC filings, annual reports, company websites, broker & financial reports, and investor presentations for a competitive scenario and shape of the industry, patent and regulatory database to understand technical and legal developments, scientific and technical writings for product information, authentic news articles, webcasts, and other related releases to evaluate the market, and Internal and external proprietary databases, key market indicators, and relevant press releases for market estimates and forecasts.

    Primary Research:

    Primary research efforts include reaching out to participants through emails, telephonic-conversations, referrals, professional networks, and formal interactions. AMR also maintains professional corporate relations with various companies that make way for greater flexibility in reaching out to industry participants and commentators for interviews and discussions.

    Data Forecasting:

    We have our own proprietary model wherein we provide quantitative inputs at a country level received from and validated by industry experts Based on impact of market indicators we assigned different weightages to each of the segments, regions, and country and forecasted global market revenues. Market predictions were based on logical assumptions that are backed up by various macro and micro level indicators. Below is the list of some of the indicators we used for predicting Market size and growth during the forecast period.

    • Market maturity level
    • Favourable government regulations
    • Technology adoption
    • Scope of further market penetration
    • Economic indicators such as GDP, GVA, Ease of doing business etc.

    Data Collection technique:

    We tracked market from supply side and followed bottom up approach, wherein we captured revenue of major vendors offering data management software and related services especially for smart meter applications. Based on their revenue and collective market share we derived overall market revenue. Information on key player market share and revenue is derived from paid sources included databases such as Factiva, Bloomberg, and hoovers to name a few. and we do conduct paid interviews with industry experts who have been tracking market from last 10 to 15 years.

    How we identify companies to be profiled:

    Information on key player share is highly fragmented and confidential in nature and is subject to inputs received from respondents during primary interviews. Even if we get the data on player market share, we need to get their permission to publish confidential information in our research studies. Hence, we have not provided share of players in this particular research study.

  2.   A. Yes we do provide customized reports and syndicated reports. We gather your thorough requirements and our Research analysts work on the feasibility of the data. Once we are done with the feasibility we decide the timeline required and provide you the cost and the feedback document. The cost of a customized study depends on the requirements and points that we need to cover.

  3.  Yes, we provide data according to a specific region, country or continent. We cover major countries and regions. .

  4.  Yes, we our analysts are always there to assist you after the sale, we offer analyst hour dedicated for your queries after the sale.

  5.  We use tools such as video conferences, telephone calls, face-to-face interview, and questionnaires with key respondents.

  6.  Yes, our highly skilled analysts and experts provide onsite support for customization and counselling. We also attend various international conferences organized for niche markets.

  7.  Yes, we provide particular chapters of the report. Please get in contact with our sales representatives.

  8.  Our sales representatives will share the timeframe once the list of customizations is finalized. Kindly get in touch with our representatives for further information.

  9.   Depending on the need, we update the report every year. Kindly get in touch with our sales team for updates on status of the report.

  10.  Yes, you can get quarterly updates of the report. These updates will be provided with minimal charges. Kindly get in touch with our sales team for more information.

  11.  Value Prop Research has a repository of reports on various industry verticals and not all of them have been listed on the website. Please contact our sales team with your requirements.

  12.  We offer targeted and objective-specific studies for clients. You can avail product review calls with the analyst to gain a perspective. You can state your customization requirements and we will serve you the best of our capabilities.

  13.  Yes this can be done after validation of the data at our end.

  14.  While calculating market size we consider the Average Selling Price (ASP) of a product/service by the manufacturer. This ASP does not include margins across the downstream of the value chain. In addition, it also does not include taxes and other duties imposed by the regulatory bodies.

  15.  Yes, this facility can be provided and the time consumed will be counted toward the post-sale support time limit.

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